Brandine Stopping St. Patrick’s Questline

Fkking simpsons trolled me when I was a kid for fk sake. Oh….the conspiracWhy….

The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

Hey there Hoppereenos,

Bouncing by really quick as I am seeing a LOT of questions from players in regards to the St. Patrick’s Day questline if you own Brandine AND have her currently brewing a Spuckler. unlock_brandine

During O’Flan-again Part 6, there is a task for Cletus to “Catch Green Creatures”that also activates one for Brandine to “Prepare a Moonshine Bath”.

Due to my Brandine was a month in busy baby making it cost me 25 donuts to speed up the task to completion, birth the baby, and have her free to complete Part 6. (My fear is they knew this and it’s why they drastically dropped rush rate on her. Normally 800 to 1000 donuts, it is now smaller and more manageable, but still… Donut loss.)

As this is a situation there is NO way around without loss somewhere, EA was contacted and still waiting for word…

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