Bully Culture: My Tips for Both the Young and Old

fight with energy not bodies.  and leave.

fight with energy not bodies. and leave.

If you’re lucky enough to have a stable life with solid friends that appreciate you in all your uniqueness, you still might want to read this in case you know a kid who happens to be a quirk.  I dare say I’m as quirky as it gets and even worse I have an incredibly high emotional IQ.  But..umm.. my experiences in rural Canada made me far far stronger.  And I’m a full grown adult!  But my enemies probably felt powerful ,because I advocated non-violence and non-threatening behaviour.

I mean really I will always be just a kid at heart, so its understandable that I got bullied in the very same way that a teenager would.  Hopefully I can help someone.

Well where I was, the people just have a lot of angst and crankiness.  They all work mundane jobs that pay big bucks and work more than their fair share of hours.  They drink alcohol instead of water and the overwhelming majority never reads a book and has no clue what a blog is.  The most they will do is take cheap shots on Facebook.  Oh I generalize here, there were obviously the good ones.  But those ones were always on guard and acting as if they were ordinary.  A few select people I met out there, I believe have the potential to be celebrated artists.

But creative enthusiasm is met with both cat-calling and in the worst cases death threats.  A girl with large tits is most certainly not permitted to go for a jog or a swim.  Bar-brawls are common and rumors spread like plagues.  And I’m sure you can imagine that 99% of the things said are untrue.  At one point the whole town was accusing me of smearing shit on the walls in the bar bathroom, and I was like what?  I thought I was always nice to you.  My phone got hacked and all my friends got bombed with ridiculously defaming messages and I had to get all new accounts a new phone number and SIM card.  But I didn’t mind, the cell phone agent did it for free when I told my story.  I did also make one police report, no charges, just in case things got ugly.

Well here was my strategy.  It depended on the situation.  If they were picking fun, I’d take a cheap shot back that was far more insightful and cut deeper.  This may have not been the wisest approach (certainly not for the weak of heart), but it did at least bring satisfaction.  If they were raging, I was the most elusive escape artist in the world.  I never told anyone where I lived, no worries.  Better that then to have a bully come find me and who knows what (I’m just a little lady).  Because of all the hubbub, I spent much time without friends.  So I worked on my various networks.  Took my content creation to (allow me to be proud a little) a mastery level. I talked to old friends.  And even made a few Youtube videos and I achieved a very very small amount of fame for my self-deprecating humour.  Truth be told, comedy is the saddest fucking thing if you really think about it.  But the laughter does serve as a cathartic release.

Eventually I made a few friends willing to stand up for me.  They called these overgrown bullies childish and mean.  I constantly updated my feed just to ensure that my closest family didn’t believe anything that people ranted about me.  In the end, I had to move away.  My boss didn’t treat me with much respect either and cut my hours to next to nothing even though I worked my hardest.  I dearly do love the town I grew up in, but the people there are so fucking bitter and voluntarily-dumb.  I couldn’t help them be happier, because my chill emotional control pissed them off quite royally.  But being emotionally elite does take work.  Read all those heartwarming memes, and counsellor’s blogs, and create some content.  I call it ‘creative therapy’.  Tell your kids, if you think it might help.  IDK, they don’t have the tools to decode and handle it like I did.  Aww and I luv them kiddies.  Send me their Vlog?

Cheers, and remember.  The only time its right to bully is when you are being bullied.  But be sneaky and don’t let them catch onto you.   You smart.