M4W: Foldy Cat’s Fervor

Pleasantly plump and young for his age, Foldy Fox-Cat is seeking female cat ages 7-18.

Foldy is well travelled, and always flies 1st class.  He has lived in the best cities in Western Canada, and has had many cat-amigoes along the way.

Foldy cat has no claws so he developed a certain snarky humour to make up for it.
image (A lot of people are pissed off that happened to him).

On KOTOR his main is Jabba the Hutt.

He has a toe fetish.

He is BatCat.

His go to jam is Eminem.

His hobbies are red wine (grape juice) and telepathy.

He blogs about how hard life is without thumbs.

He always wears a tuxedo cuz he’s just classy like that.

If you think you might be that special someone, please email Foldy.  No soliciters please.  He is far too awkward to be a prostitute.