Merkin: A rags to itches story

Strong Language

Think Johns, Dicks, and B.J.s have it bad? Try being named Maud in medieval England.

A lot of little

Henry has HankMargaret has PeggySusanSueDanielDanny. We call these diminutive versions of names pet names or hypocorisms, if we want to get fancy about it. In English, we frequently form these names by shortening the given name and adding the –y sound to the end of it. Hence, Chrissie or SammyHank and Peggy illustrate that there are other ways of forming such diminutives, of course. Such is the case for Maud. And this where things got a little messy–and hairy.

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Extra-Terrestrial Anthropology

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A Beautiful Soul – by Billie Ann Doner

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CaseyBillie Ann Doner is mom to 28 year old Casey. Born in ’86 with Autism & a severe form of Epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaut) 

Casey and I just had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful soul. We were in the Vinita, OK. Walmart and, as is always our policy, we were making a beeline to the toy section first because Casey does his shopping and then is happy to ride along while I do mine.

As we neared the toy aisle I noticed a young boy maybe 8-10 years old come out of the toy section. We passed him but as we turned into the aisle I noticed in my peripheral vision that he had turned around and was behind us.

Casey was looking into each side aisle as we passed giving me directions.

“Nope, not this one, keep going…oh there’s Thomas the Train aisle, keep going.”

“Turn here momma, there’s…

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I am a Famous Cat-Bed

Well….ive known about this for sum time now folks
Google images for brandine x is … well…

Oh….if only they sent down sumadat google brand wetfood!!  And yes i stole their laser pointer batteries (smArt cat)

Have a look