Heritage Building Adventures

So I live in a sexy old condo built over 100 years ago and named after a possibly-folk hero of old.  I always seem to be attracted to these buildings…IDK why but they just feel homey.

I could tell u hundereds of odd stories and even had a few ghastly encounters.

Well I was doing the old SundayOff Sleepin when I was jolted awake by a feeble sounding firealarm.  I was instantly aware and discerned that there was no damn fire.   But I heard this…waterfall outside my hallway door….i had to investigate.

Fresh cigarette in lips…i undid the deadbolt and looked up.  Excellent.  I got blasted with the indoor sprinkling system that was flooding the entire hallway.  I slammed the door and lit the cigarette inside.

Made a super dim instagram vid of it.

Eavesdropped as the maintenance dudes (very cute thru the peephole i might add) tried to figure out wtf.   They slowed it down but….they strategically placed some industrial sized buckets all over the hallway.

I went back to bed….eyeing a sprinkler on the ceiling above my bed with a meanace on.  I figured it was a nightmare so i tried to go back to sleep so I could wake up to the REAL 2PM

But…the firealarm started spazzing out in some weird brand of 2180s techno….so alas…i left.   Now I’m hiding at my friends house…..and shopping on craigslist for scuba gear..

Woooo wonderful day!

I’m sure my apartments ok?@


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