New Bloggers:  Tips, Tricks, And Jokes (Canadian Jokes Plz)

Good Morning Blobbers

Good Morning Blobbers

Hearing the call to become an Internet personality is definitely not for anyone.  I’m rather reluctant myself since it requires a lot of research, but alas I’ve been hunting for post-University work for years in all aspects of my (very diverse and lucrative) field.  This is not the job market I was told about, but I’m lucky that at least I happen to have a talent that is incredibly valuable; higher quality content could be leveraged to a far more profitable level.  Well its a strategy I’m not the first to think of.  I just know that its probably the brightest idea that has a lot of potential to trend in 2015.  And while I’m never the type to get bored, its about time I use all of what little power a 29 year old has to move forward.

If you’re already on board the blogosphere, you understand how different your perception evolves from having more influencers in your life.  Whether you believe everything they say or not.  The real, hard truth is that some Canadians are emotionally handicapped, and I would argue that this is a far more limiting disability than any of that goblty-gook the psychiatrists go on about (particularly in locations that haven’t achieve much progress in the mental health department).  Well, I’m probably a little right and a little wrong….I am bad for speculating about things that just aren’t resolvable (good thing I don’t have any rules to follow).

But you know who I’m talking about, those people who either lack the spark of creativity or just haven’t been taught how to access it.  They’re mean.  I would probably ban them from the Internet, but I never seem to get my way in these matters.  (The policy makers won’t tweet back!) But really, once you get used to it, online bashing is actually more humorous because its stupid and ungrounded.  Its sad to see a sensitive noob getting picked on though.  Some people come online because they have no where to turn and maybe someone told them how successful a blog community has with healing.  A lonely person who, say just moved away has the means to access the people they miss being around.  I have one of those MASSIVE families, most of them whom I wouldn’t have talked to in 10 years without a micro-blog.  But I should address the negative side of being a content creator: its easy to get in a habit of over-thinking, or over-confidence and unintentionally defaming yourself (oh yes…I’ve engaged in this blunder), or to post when you’ve been drinking.  Sometimes those judgy ones will never re-friend you.

But, like any human, I recall a less than ideal time in my life where I had this brilliant idea of becoming the next Hunter S. Thompson and lit the blog community on fire.  Well, when one is in those real ruts of life…no matter who you are…your mind tends to wander.  In retrospect I suspect most people were afraid to read me or comment. But..a couple people out there who happened to think like I do (or at least used to) gave me comments without any criticism and plenty of insight.  It was amazing how they seemed to know what I was saying more than I even did (Oi.. them sneaky telepathics!)  Always remember, having a ton of followers can be over-rated.  You’d be better off to just post to the extra-terrestrials who are obviously reading.

You don’t need talent, the only requirement is a little thought and a few real life experiences.  My advise would be to take extra time and add your photography or whatever you can dream of.  I’m busy as can be, but when I’m around I’ll check it out.  Everyone’s different.  I’m obviously a writer, so for me there’s just no better way to organize my thoughts and move forward.  And…as of yet, I haven’t heard any of my catch-phrases or jokes stolen so someone else can profit off them.  If they do, I’ll probably sneakily make fun of them (not a perfect angel).  My current goal is to be able to market my content, for socially responsible businesses, in a way that will actually entertain people and secure loyal consumers.  Do you think I’m worth money?  I just happen to be in the Canadian creative capitol (I’m a fierce tiger in this war-like market).  I hope I can rise up to one of many of my dreams.  But I’m only at this point because I have literally been doing this for over 15 years, since the dawn of the Internet, posting on the daily.  At this point in my life there is almost nothing that would make me give up trying.  Student loan debt-load tends to keep me awake at night.

One final topic I’d like to address is the nature of content.  YOUR CONTENT CAN GET YOU ARRESTED!  So be careful out there, and make sure you pay attention in Law class.  The area I would suggest you brush up on is privacy law, just in case.  No one needs to be an example.  Just don’t mention any person or company’s names.  Healthy paranoia is ok.  If your up to the challenge of being smarter than those who don’t participate in the conversation, carry on…there’s quite a bit of fabulous reading out there that is far more empathetic and compelling than anything printed on paper    Maybe you’ll love it, and be a more capable individual as a result.  Don’t expect to get paid too soon or very much; there’s a lot of misinformation around about that.  Those famous content creators dedicate their entire lives to the gig (its an under-respected occupation as of now, another challenge for me to mull over if things work out). Oi, Canada’s about to become sooooo much weirder……Wordpress has EXPLODED with new Canadian users this holiday season.

Comment, keep in touch, and try not be too degrading towards the dinosaurs who haven’t embraced their special, and for some reason don’t love us.


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