Jobhunt 2015 (this is my year)


I’ve recently decided to move my employment search to LinkedIn, and I am impressed with the jobs I’ve read about. My pesky little mind has to wonder about many of the posts that have long lists of criteria that the candidates must meet. Sometimes I wonder if that perfect candidate the employer is dreaming of really exists. Well despite this, there are quite a few jobs for which I do fit the bill. My only hope is that in and around all of these well-honed skills I have, employers allow some room for me to be that imperfect human I am. At the risk of sounding a tad bitter, I’d say that many employers have not given me enough time to become expert at my job (and I dare say that I almost always will), and have missed out on my potential to thrive on my own behalf and the organization’s behalf. Just a few thoughts to throw into this incredibly smart network of hard-working innovative folks. Merry Christmas (I’m off to go celebrate now)


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