Land on Feet

Land on Feet


3 thoughts on “Land on Feet

  1. This is a good one – is that 3D? Yes it is. Okay here goes. Six prawns rowing a boat. No. Six frogs at a BBQ.On a BBQ? How about, oops – just gotta answer the phone…

  2. I see a face in it, but it’s comprised of other creatures. Taken in conjunction with the outward stripes it seems to give the illusion of outward movement, possible expansion of self? The stripes I can’t seem to make sense of. The frogs are telling me about senses for some reason.

    I think it has something to do with how we are comprised of our environment, but I project that onto pretty much everything.

    Keep making these, I really enjoy your art. And I seem to have lost your number D:

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